The Book of Light & Sound Effects

It’s never been easier to add light and sound effects to your cosplay and prop projects!
No programming knowledge required!

Warhammer LED Staff!

For the release of Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realms of Ruin – Frontier asked us to bring the Staff of Tzeentch to life!

Revenant - Apex Legends

EA asked us to create a cosplay for their redesigned Revenant. 

Genshin Impact - Yelan

We created Yelan for this years Genshin Impact book at gamescom! Took 500h to complete. It was insanely complicated!

Shoulder Armor Pattern Collection 3

I made 5 different shoulder armor designs for you! Use these to creaste awesome pauldrons for your own costumes!

Free Mini Guide

Interested in armor making? Grab my free Mini Guide!

cosplay books and patterns!

Inspiring cosplayers all over the world!

over 250.000 books & patterns sold

What’s new:

I made a Diablo IV Necromancer Cosplay in only 2 weeks!

I made a Diablo IV Necromancer Cosplay in only 2 weeks!

I already created a ton of costumes from Blizzard franchises and was super hyped for the release of Diablo IV! And as you can imagine I was incredibly excited when they reached out and asked me to bring the Necromancer to life! Check out the full crafting video!

We built a LED Katana in 7 days!

We built a LED Katana in 7 days!

What's better than a Katana? A light up LED Karakuri Katana that also plays sounds! Electronic Arts asked us to bring our favorite weapon from their new game Wild Hearts to life and I'm so excited to finally build the sword of my dreams! Hope you enjoy this little...

We built a light-up bow from Empires & Puzzles!

We built a light-up bow from Empires & Puzzles!

I always love to work with mobile game developers as many of their games often have amazingly designed heroes. I also always wanted to build a functional bow! So when Empires&Puzzles reached out to us to create something from their game, I took the chance and decided to make Athena’s bow!

Benni got a Cosplay from Gotham Knights!

Benni got a Cosplay from Gotham Knights!

Warner Brothers Games Montreal and Gotham Knights asked us to create the golden Mask for the Voice of the Court. But since creating a prop is only half the fun we though, why not make the full costume and get Benni a nice cosplay photoshoot as well? And that’s what we did!

New Video: Top 10 Cosplay Shops!

New Video: Top 10 Cosplay Shops!

Finding good shops and materials for cosplay and crafting can be tricky! To help, here are Svetlana’s top 10 places to shop cosplay materials! It’s all about foam, paints, wigs, fabrics and all kind of different crafting supplies – and even full costumes! Hope this is helpful!

A Shoulder Pattern Collection for your Dream Cosplay!

A Shoulder Pattern Collection for your Dream Cosplay!

Our first Shoulder Armor Pattern Collection was a huge hit so we decided to make two more with even more interesting pauldron designs! The first one is now here: The Shoulder Pattern Collection 2 has 5 very interesting and unique designs that will level up your...

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patterns for all your projects

Why spend hours trying to figure out patterns when you can just use the ones we prepared for you? Save valuable time and print out our downloadable patterns! We got patterns for everything you need! :)

our tools and materials:

Here is a comprehensive list of all the tools, materials and equipment we use for our projects!

what is cosplay?

Cosplay is a mix between “costume” & “play” and describes the act of wearing a costume to represent a specific character, style or idea. Your costume can be an everyday outfit, store-bought or even hand made by yourself! Cosplay isn’t defined by quality: Wearing a wig is just as much cosplay as wearing a self-made armor set!

Just dress up and have fun, that’s what it’s all about! Want to join the fun? Check out my GETTING STARTED PAGE!


“anyone can cosplay. No matter what age, gender, skin color or body shape. It’s the ultimate artistic expression!”


get the right book

Want to know what topic each of my books cover? Just check out the link below for a detailed guide! We got books about everthing from working with eva foam to painting, sewing, LEDs or 3D printing!

Every volume is available as printed softcover or as a more affordable digital PDF download!

starter bundle

Want to get into cosplay? I put together this handy Starter Bundle that includes everything you will need to begin your journey.

It includes four of my basic tutorial books, as well as 5 useful pattern sets that can easily be combined to create almost any costume you want! 

recent customer feedback:

Fantastic Books! It’s easy to read and easy to digest! Worth every Penny! And very fast delivery. Ordered on Saturday, got shipped on Monday and arrived on Tuesday! Im so Happy that i bought them! 6 out of 5 Stars!

maximillian, October 5, 2021

“I am super thrilled with my purchase from Kamui! (…) The books are such a great quality, and the rich colors have me motivated for future Cosplay. Svetlana was quick to respond to my order and questions. I am looking forward to many hours of reading and crafting, and cannot wait to complete my Kamui Cosplay book collection. Cheers!”

Mystica Eller, October 22, 2020

“Awesome guide with a lot of useful information, the info about making your own 3d models really made me realize how much more doable it is than I had thought.”

James Amini, August 9, 2021

It’s a wonderful book. So many useful tips for cospay motivation. But they are also applicable to other endeavours. It really helped me!It’s a wonderful book. So many useful tips for cospay motivation. But they are also applicable to other endeavours. It really helped me!

Team KaRo, February 9, 2022

“thanks to this book, I solved some problems I had with some parts of cosplay, learned new tricks and finally raised the level of my work. thanks kamui”

francesco mistico, April 27, 2022

“All of her books are amazing whether you are a beginning or veteran. I love how lightweight EVA foam props are and making them detachable with magnets is genius!”

Natasha, September 28, 2021

Who are we?

We’re Svetlana and Benni, two passionate people who love to create costumes and props from our favorite video games, anime and movies. In 2011 we turned our hobby into a full-time business and support the community with our videos, books, crafting patterns and by sharing our adventures through Social Media!








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